All you need is to identify your license class and its type what suits you according to your need and budget. Read more about the details of classes and types of licensing


There are four type of classes for licenses that are present. These are commercial, operational, taxi or livery and motorcycle.

  • The operational licenses are for the under 18 children usuallyu known as junior operators.
  • The commerical ones are for the driving of tractors, busses and trailers.
  • The motorcycles licenses can only be used for driving bikes, scooties, scooters and motorcycles
  • The livery licenses are for cars and taxis etc.



Three types of licenses are available in which standard, advanced and real ID are included.

  • In the standard license, federal buildings acceptance and boarding are not included.
  • The advanced license can be used for domestic flights, land crossings, Caribbean countries and flag on front as well with the additional cost of thirty dollars.
  • The real ID license can be used for domestic flights.